Ceramic evolution

The Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd is one of the premium businesses and a global trendsetter in the domain of manufacturer of vitrified ceramic tiles. The dynamic potential to evolve with the ever-changing décor aesthetics and technical requirements made Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd, a significant and trustworthy brand in the tile industry. We understand our customers' and clients' needs and requirements in constructing and renovating various projects for commercial and residential spaces. The rapid growth in the interior designing and outdoor designing amongst the designers and customers inspires our team of dedicated employees in production, R&D, marketing, and distributing channels to work continuously in manufacturing the best ceramic tiles by meeting the client and market demands in both, domestic and international markets.

Excel statistics

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Material Features

Colour fastness

Dimensional stability

Sufficient weight and mass

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Balance between flexibility and rigidity



Our team of innovators, engineers, designers, marketers, and workers are pledged to guard the environment that is our legacy to the coming future generations, is our mission to reinforce the ceramic tile production in Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd.

Core Values

The core values of Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd is expressed through the continuous search for the new opportunities created by adapting numerous technological innovations and to make the manufacturing process of tiles production progressively safer and more environment-friendly by offering eco-sustainable ceramic products to the customers.


The vision of Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd is to be focussed on quality, idea, and innovation, and that must be observed in our ceramic production brilliance in the manufacturing and printing technology and the professional development of our whole team.


Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd is committed to harness excellence by implementing strict quality control policy. Technology incorporated in our kitchen product is sourced from the best technology provides in the world.

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