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About Excel

Excel ceramic Pvt Ltd is a prominent manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain tiles and provides quality products based on the prerequisites of various projects by customers and clients internationally. We, as a developing and leading company, strive to have a well-built culture of commitment and developing innovators and creators who vouch to create the award-winning results. We aspire to excel in our core values, i.e., to be the person first organization, be it our valued clients, customers, stakeholders, suppliers, marketing and branding partners, or our entire Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. team; we prioritize them above all. We aim to become one of the utmost trademarks globally in the sphere of the tiles industry by expanding our market presence and distribution channels. We are a growing company in the realm of vitrified ceramic tiles, and we are committed to expanding our business and manufacturing eco-friendly manufactured goods to promote a healthy environment.

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Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd ceramic tiles can be installed in flawless continuity in indoor spaces resulting in appealing visual effect steering through the various indoor areas. The decision to cover indoor spaces such as kitchen, entrance, living room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom for homes and service areas, exhibition areas, areas accessible to the public, washrooms, technical areas for shops and commercial office buildings is very crucial. For residential flats, bungalows, independent houses, and commercial areas, the Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd catalogue offers a sundry of designs for indoor floor and wall coverings that can be extended to vitrified ceramic tiles ranging from resin, concrete, terracotta, brick, stone, or wood effects, as well as an assortment of high-performance specialized ceramic vitrified stoneware, designed for high and low traffic areas. These tiles are waterproof, durable, anti-slip finishes, thick, and are strong due to the excellent performance of Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd ceramic vitrified tile production.

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Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd ceramic tiles are an apt example of complete strength and unending reliability for outdoor tiling. Our outdoor floor and wall tiles are manufactured with unique ideas and are suitable for most of the outdoor solutions ranging from high traffic areas to low or moderate traffic areas such as parking, entrance, terraces, walkways, gardens, stairs, and garages in commercial and residential spaces. The decision to opt for outdoor paving is thoroughly tested on various grounds such as load-bearing of people and vehicles, durability, and enduring several natural changes like rain, frost, and temperature. Accordingly, the crucial requirements of an outdoor tile that are low water absorption, durability, an anti-slip surface and resistance to chemical agents, high resistance to wear and tear, and insensitivity to various temperature changes and frost, Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd ceramic vitrified tiles are structured and serve well for major requirements related to outdoor flooring.

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Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd ceramic vitrified tiles for the contributions commercial sector ranges from large slabs to small size tiles, and tough tiles that are suitable for installation in commercial premises requiring heavy-duty materials. While choosing tiles for the commercial areas that are suitable for the flooring and wall covering the aesthetics and technical requirements such as slip-resistant, resistant to abrasion, fireproof and waterproof, resistance to stress, hygiene, safety, and low-maintenance must be taken into consideration. Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd tiles offer numerous customization possibilities ranging from a wide range of sizes, colors, textures, and designs that precisely imitate various natural resources such as marble, wood, terracotta, concrete, and stone. Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd ceramic vitrified tiles collections with extra-thick ceramic vitrified tiles with 20 mm design and high technical performance are suitable for installation on raised floors to build a specialized underfloor compartment.

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Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd ceramic vitrified tiles are manufactured and aimed to meet high environmental and durability criteria, constructing them as the seamless tiling solution for public spaces. They offer a diverse range of ceramic tiles that complements the various interior design themes and have a better welcoming option than the hardwood options. Our diversified tile range has been used widely in many public spaces such as airports, football clubs, and libraries best suited for high to low traffic areas. The higher the estimated traffic of space, the higher the abrasion resistance nature must possess. For extremely high traffic areas, the unglazed ceramic tiles are considered to be the best amongst all tiling options available. The Excel Ceramic Pvt. Ltd ceramic vitrified tiles have a uniform stature, high resistance to deep abrasion, and are gauged by exposing them to standardized tests.

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